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This is my Haiti story. What happened there has been the catalyst for a lot of positive changes in my life and I’m eager to share the wonder of it all with you. So that you can walk through it alongside me, I’ve set these posts in the order in which they happened.

This story is all about possibilities when we step in courage toward the uncertain and embrace Life. I hope what unfolded awes you as it has me.

Hungering to be Hungry

Last night, my kids laughed at me. They were derisive, really. “Don’t tell me Mom wants to go to Haiti,” they cackled. “Get real.” I was stunned. I mean, I know they’re teens and their natural state is cynical, but really? Do they not know that I would drop what I’m doing in an instant […]

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Update regarding Haiti

I’ve been invited by the lead pastor of an Atlanta church to join their team in Haiti at the end of February. I will be going. Yes, I will pray with my family and weigh what this means. But God has placed an urgency in my heart to be there and so I will go. […]

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You Matter to Haiti

I feel overwhelmed and I’m not even there, yet. Thanks to Twitter and the Internet, I can digest #Haiti news 24/7 and, because of my fierce interest and concern, that’s exactly what I’m doing. My daughter says I’m obsessed. Maybe she’s right. I just can’t seem to distance myself from the Haitians’ reality – even […]

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10 Day Countdown To Haiti Has Begun

My daughter is an amazing and talented person. Last night, she opened up to me and shared that she has been resistant to my plans to go to Haiti, because she is afraid for me. It’s true, there are risks. She understands, because she is heading to Swasiland in Africa this July. At only 17, […]

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God-sized lessons in Haiti

I lost my Blackberry last night. It was new. As in just-bought-it-on-Friday-because-of-the-trip-to-Haiti new. I wanted something with a better camera and video, so I could share with you. I wanted life’s best, even when I had some clue I would be trekking through life’s worst.And it was wonderful. And I lost it. And it was […]

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