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Tackling the West at Long Last

                        It has been awhile since I’ve felt this giddy. Yep, I’m on the cusp of another adventure! This one is multi tiered! In a few hours, Jim and I will fly to Utah and join a friend to carefully pack three touring kayaks […]

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One Step At A Time

July 27, 2013 So the bucket list hike begins tomorrow and I feel as though I could write a book about all the emotions careening through me. I’ve worked myself into a bit of a tizzy of anxiety, because it’s going to test my physical limits AND be freezing each night. I don’t feel prepared—and […]

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It’s Time.

So I began to wonder why we wait until we get cancer or our health begins to fail to plan the year of our dreams. I mean, really. No one would fault you, if your life’s calendar was suddenly running out, should you plot those final months to include your most treasured destinations. Cramming in […]

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Happy Year of 50!

  And so begins the year of 50! Oh sure, you can also call it 2013 and even the year of the snake, if you love reading the table mats at Chinese restaurants. But this will be no ordinary 12 months. In July, God willing, I will celebrate—and I do mean CELEBRATE!!!!­—my 50th birthday and […]

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