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Sometimes, I pinch myself. My life has been such an adventure and, as you can see from my About page, I’ve done a lot of fun things. Yet I don’t hesitate when asked for my favorite:

I love helping people write books!

I guess I was born to write stories, and guess what—so were you! If you are reading this section, there’s a strong chance that it’s because you feel you have a story to tell. Your life experience—the good, bad and gnarly—has shaped you to know a thing or two of value and it’s time to share the wealth!

But how?

Well, there are several ways. Sometimes, my clients have taken a stab at writing their own stories (so far, I have only worked with non-fiction authors) and just need them finessed and cleaned up. Others are throttled by the very thought of picking up the pencil (remember those?) and need to be patiently interviewed to capture the story.

From time to time, it’s clear that writing well is not my client’s strong suit (thank goodness, or why would I be needed?) and the whole dang thing needs to be rewritten. No problem!

How many clams will it take?

My fee structure varies, so contact me to discuss your manuscript’s specifics.

Once it’s done, then what?

Again, there are several routes you can take to getting published.

  • You can pitch your story to an agent who, if interested, will then shop your story to publishers.
  • You can self publish as an eBook and/or print book. I’ll show you the ropes.
  • You can print on demand to give to family, clients and friends.

I can help you navigate those waters, as well as put together a promotion plan. These days, even those authors who are published by publishing houses are expected to have a successful social media platform and self-promotion strategy.

That’s it! Soon, your dream of seeing your name on that book cover can come true!

And then I can pinch you!


Jason Foltz - Hello I seen your website and thought I would write you. I have a unique story to tell that would make a great reading. From pain,trauma, addiction,crime, to a life of helping those suffering turn their life around.

If your interested in talking more that would be great.

jessica rabe - I am in desperate need of an editor! I have written a novel, and I went to a conference and a publisher was interested. she said create a platform and let her see the first four chapters. My platform I decided on was a web series prequel to my book. Now I have some actors, I have a college willing to offer its film department. I even have clothing stores and stylists to help me. What I don’t have is a finished book to release at the same time. (just needs serious editing) I am up to my eye balls in scripts ( which I wouldn’t mind help with either!) and castings, music development you name it -so much goes into this! Anyway log story short I am needing my book to be polished, I am sort of decided whether or not to self publish, because if the web series does hit big, do I want to give away a ton of profit if I am doing all the work? Either way the book needs polishing. please let me know if you are interested in editing a fiction young adult book. thanks!

Allen Madding - I’ve been working on writing my first book. It’s fiction so this might take you a little into freshwater. I would love your help getting it polished and edited as well as have your guidance moving towards publication.

Scott Hochmuth - Hello – we chatted very briefly on Twitter back about the time Neal Boortz was publishing his last book. I am ready now to start my book. I have spent half of my adult life as a caregiver – 8 years as the primary caregiver for a very precious special needs daughter. Her brief 8 years was too brief, but much longer than the 2 years the doctor’s gave her when she was born.
I have spent the last 8 years caring for my wife of 33 years with a bone infection that left her bedridden, mostly from complications from an antibiotic that caused tendon damage. My obligation is coming to an end soon as well as the marriage.
I want to write something very raw and open sharing the experiences, heartbreak, and loneliness that one can experience when a path like this is is thrust upon them. I have no delusions of selling very many, but feel like I want to tell my story, and it is my hope that there will be some out there who are walking a similar path, who can learn from my experiences. I expect to self-publish this as an eBook. I would appreciate your input and some expectations of the costs involved. I will take it slowly and chapter by chapter as I can afford it.
Thank you!

Wallace Turnbull - I founded a mission in Haiti from a dream of my father, & married the lady you met when she was a bit younger. Both of us are repeatedly told that we should each write a book. Thanks to Spell Check, she can do pretty well at bits, but seems to have given up that project.

I have lots of notes and stories on my computer, but in the past 12 years we have gone back-and-forth to Haiti so often that they are not properly gathered in a smooth sequence.

Our being absent so much has led to the Haitian pastors & churches taking more responsibility and looking less to white folks to do things, which is very good.

I’m looking forward to meeting you. In Christ, Pasteur Wallace

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